Three reasons to start a tech team in Poland

We are approached multiple times a week with the question if we can find Polish tech talent that wants to relocate abroad. 

Under a shortcut key combination, we have our standard response: “We would love to, but it will be close to impossible to find them”. 

Poland went through an incredible transformation over the last decades, and for IT professionals, there is no reason to move abroad. In fact, in many cases, they would be financially worse off.

In the same, standard response to this inquiry, we always suggest considering opening an office in Poland instead. There are three excellent reasons to do so.


1. Grow and scale


In many major US and European cities, it became impossible to find talent. On the other hand, outsourced teams and software houses abroad are often not delivering the dedication or the level and control that projects need. 

Having their own, in-house, development team is still the preferred solution for companies that are proud of their product or services.

More and more companies are setting up their tech teams in Poland because here they can still attract and retain tech talent at the right price point. 


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2. Easier than you think


Many European countries have a terrible reputation for starting up a business because of overly complicated legislation and procedures. In many cases that is true, however, setting up an office in Poland is easier than you think. 

In fact, you don’t even need to set up a legal entity to hire talent, and when it is required, you can be up and running within four weeks.

Office and co-working spaces are widely available, and most lawyers and accountants have English speaking staff available to assist.


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3. Cost-efficient


Although most international companies in Poland are here for scalability rather than for cost-efficiency, you can still expect a saving of 25-50% compared with US tech salaries. 

The cost of operation (office space, back-office and suppliers) is significantly lower than Western European or US locations.

We have assisted numerous companies setting up their tech team in Poland, from small start-ups, looking for one or two developers to medium-sized companies ramping up their scrum teams.

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