IT Staffing and Contracting

Best Talent Match, Faster Role Fulfillment, Custom Pricing

It is the right talent that makes the difference between success and failure for any organisation. When it comes to finding the right talent for your IT and contract hiring needs, we can help you with our on-demand strategic staffing solutions.

IT Staffing and Contracting for a Wide Range of Project Demands


We are specialised providers of:

  • Dedicated IT Talent
  • Remote IT Talent
  • Short-Term IT Talent

Flexible Contracting Services for Agile Scaling

Contracting hiring saves costs and provides on-demand expertise for your project success. Our approach to contract staffing gives you the right talent at the right time, leading to optimal project efficiency and productivity.


Why Our Services?

  • Address Demand Faster – We tap into our vast network of qualified and experienced IT and contract professionals to find the right match for your hiring needs. We can drive the desired results at a faster rate than others.

We can aptly address any project requirement, from IT and network to software and hardware. Our contract talent pool consists of professionals from across sectors, including financial, banking, healthcare, research, marketing, sales and more.

Our faster access also means that we can cater to on-demand staffing of any strength. Whether you want a few specialists or a larger talent group, we can fill the required gap with speed and efficiency.

  • Exact Talent Match – As a company with a higher rate of staffing success, our talent network is ever-increasing. We have accredited and experienced people with the required skillset for core, non-core and ad hoc projects.

We have access to IT specialists and contracting professionals across skills, which means we have exactly the right talent to match your project needs.

  • On-Demand Backup – Do not let lack of resources slow down your projects. We can provide resource backup following sickness or vacation.

  • Thorough Screening – Our candidates are thoroughly vetted by us so that you get only the best and reliable IT and contracting professionals.

  • Customised Pricing – We create customised packages according to your hiring needs.

  • Complete Client Satisfaction – Consistency in our service quality has earned us our clients’ trust.

We are involved in every step of the hiring process, from screening to post-service improvements. You get a partner that is as invested in your success as you are.



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Client Testimonials

Candidates found by Ntiative were always very good. It really felt like we're choosing the best person for the job out of a group of very strong candidates when making our final decisions.

Recruitment Team


We are so pleased with the services we have been provided with Ntiative. The team is great to work with, eager, and responsive. We've made several hires through them and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Recruiting Manager

PubNub Inc.

Ntiative does a great job in the first stage of the recruitment process by sending candidates that actually match your position.They can also indicate candidates where the potential is despite slight deviations from the provided profile - which is a great way to find young talent.



I would like to thank you for the good transnational cooperation between AG and NTIATIVE. With your excellent support we have put together a completely new IT development team in Torun (Poland) within  a very short time, which is still doing an excellent work for us today. During our cooperation I would like to empathise the fast and uncomplicated communication as well as your dedicated approach. You were always immediately available for us and presented us with very good candidate profiles.

HR Director AG

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