Frequently Asked Questions

In our Frequently Asked Questions you will find the answers to the most common questions asked of our team. If you have any specific questions that we have not answered below, please contact us at or via the contact page.

What is the difference between agency recruitment, recruitment partnerships and recruitment process outsourcing?

Agency recruitment is the classic model of recruitment, where we search the perfect candidates for one or a couple of different roles within your organisation. Because we work on an exclusive or retained basis, our recruitment team will take the time to understand your business and will be in the best position to promote your roles to the best candidates in the market. Read more here.

Our Recruitment Partnership model is the perfect solution for companies with a requirement of 2 to 10 new hires per month. We assign one or more recruiters dedicated to your projects. The recruiters can be based in-house working alongside your team or from our office in the city centre of Krakow. Read more here.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the cost-efficient solution for organisations that need to hire at a large scale. We will take ownership of your recruitment processes, allowing you to focus on what matters, your core business. Read more here.

Where can I get a quote for a recruitment project?

No two projects are the same; time, effort, risk and volumes influence the final cost of our services.

We charge between 16% and 20% of one year salary of the successful candidate for our exclusive or retained search projects.

The fees for our recruitment partnerships and RPO projects consist of a combination of a fixed monthly cost and a small success fee per hire. The overall average cost per new hire is between 10% and 13% of the combined yearly salary of all hires.

Schedule a meeting with us to find out more.

Will I be assigned a dedicated recruiter?

All our agency clients are assigned a recruiter or an account manager as a single point of contact.

Our recruitment partnership and RPO clients have one or more of our full-time, in-house recruiters, working embedded with the client’s recruitment team.

Can you find Polish developers to relocate abroad?

A question that we receive several times per week. The simple answer is, “We would love to but finding Polish developers that want to work abroad is close to impossible”.

From a financial perspective, developers are better off staying in Poland. Most are on a 19% flat tax rate, B2B-contracts, on salaries slightly lower than in Western Europe but with a cost of living that is less than half.

Most of our clients are UK and US companies that are setting up offices in Poland. Not as much as a cost-exercise but rather for scalability and growth. In Poland, it is still possible to find the right talent at an affordable price point. If you would like to relocate good developers, we would advise looking outside of the EU (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, …) but this will come with additional paperwork in the form of visas and work permits.

We wrote a blogpost about the Three reasons to start a tech team in Poland.

Happy to discuss further if you want more information.

Do we need to start a legal entity before hiring talent in Poland?

No, you can hire talent on contracts under civil law (B2B-contracts). There is no major difference in the cost of employment of permanent employees compared with B2B-contractors, while at the same time, the B2B-agreement provides higher flexibility for the employer.

What is the difference between a standard contract of employment and the B2B contract?

The main difference is that standard contracts of employment (UoP) are regulated by Labour Law, while B2B-contracts fall under Civil Law. This means that certain rights and obligations that are regulated under Labour Law are not standardly provided under the B2B-contract and can be negotiated between the employer and the contractor.

Read here more about the differences between the two contracts.

Can you help us with payroll, accountancy or office space?

Yes, we have gone through all these processes and tasks before, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We are happy to bring you in contact with our lawyer and our accountant. Both speak English and are used to deal with foreign clients.

We have several dedicated small offices and desks to rent in our building in the city centre of Krakow. Alternatively, we advise using Colliers who are always doing a great job in finding the perfect office space for their clients.

Can you provide references for the quality of your recruitment services?

Plenty! We even added several references to our website.

Let us know, and we will bring you in contact with one of our clients that had projects similar to yours.

What are the advantages of using a recruitment company?

We take the admin, sourcing, selling to candidates and the heavy lifting out of the whole recruitment process.
We will send you pre-qualified candidates for interview, rather than you having to sift through irrelevant CVs.

Our team can find potential employees faster and more efficient as we know the market, the candidates and the companies that have your future employees in their talent pool.

My question is not listed here. How can I contact you?

E-mail, call or schedule a meeting with us. We love to talk and meet people.

Client Testimonials

Candidates found by Ntiative were always very good. It really felt like we're choosing the best person for the job out of a group of very strong candidates when making our final decisions.

Recruitment Team


We are so pleased with the services we have been provided with Ntiative. The team is great to work with, eager, and responsive. We've made several hires through them and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Recruiting Manager

PubNub Inc.

Ntiative does a great job in the first stage of the recruitment process by sending candidates that actually match your position.They can also indicate candidates where the potential is despite slight deviations from the provided profile - which is a great way to find young talent.



I would like to thank you for the good transnational cooperation between AG and NTIATIVE. With your excellent support we have put together a completely new IT development team in Torun (Poland) within  a very short time, which is still doing an excellent work for us today. During our cooperation I would like to empathise the fast and uncomplicated communication as well as your dedicated approach. You were always immediately available for us and presented us with very good candidate profiles.

HR Director AG

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