Reducing Turnover: How the Right IT Recruiter Can Make A Difference

How the Right IT Recruiter Can Make A Difference


With the highest turnover rate of any industry (13%), the IT field can be a challenging environment for companies searching for ways to attract the best talent and maintain an effective team. In the US, the average cost of onboarding a new IT team member exceeds $20,000, adding considerable risk and expense to the process of finding the right person for your organization.

But what are the major contributors to the high turnover in the tech industry and what can you do to help your company find and keep the best people?

Over the past 24 months, we’ve placed over 160 talented individuals into great positions with our clients, with only four of those positions needing to be refilled, making the turnover among our placements considerably less than the industry standard. Here are a few of the things we’ve learned over the years about recruiting the right people and placing them in positions they thrive in.


Building Real Connections


Gone are the days where mass emails and lists of LinkedIn profiles created the best results for business and recruiters. Today, a recruiter in the tech industry needs to be focused more on creating human connections and building trust in a very technical environment.

By understanding the individual goals of job candidates, what kinds of projects they want to work on, and what benefits and environments are the most important to them, we can place them into positions they will be the best suited for.

While this may sound simple, it requires time, insight, and attention to detail. The first step in finding the right people is to understand what truly makes them the right people on a human level—apart from a skill-set or years of experience.

Being a good IT recruiter requires enthusiasm and technical skill, but most of all, the ability to understand what allows people to engage, invest, and make projects successful.



Offering Flexibility


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many tech companies are offering their employees the chance to work remotely. This has even allowed some employees to move from areas where the cost of living is high, to areas where it is lower and they can enjoy a better quality of life for the salary they make.

While benefits and salary packages are certainly an important factor in attracting the best talent, offering flexibility is one of the key ways to keep skilled team members loyal and engaged.



Providing Opportunities


As the tech industry is constantly evolving, the need for additional training allows employees to sharpen their skills and increase their value. Employees who are provided additional learning and growth opportunities tend to stay with their employers longer because it reduces the feeling of stagnation. The IT industry moves and changes far too quickly for employees to be comfortable standing still.



Building Purpose


Often, we work with skilled candidates who express dissatisfaction with a lack of purpose in their work. Every project can contribute something great to the world, and it’s important to make your team members feel that they are an essential part of that contribution. If you want to keep the best talent, it’s essential to ensure that each member of the team is challenged and engaged by their work and that they are aware of the larger purpose. What change is your company going to create in the world? To create passion in others, the company must resonate with that passion at all levels.


Rethinking Location 


One of the main reasons why Poland is such an attractive place for tech companies is that there is a wealth of affordable talent here. No less important is the ability for companies to take advantage of lucrative employment structures.

In the US, a contractor is an independent operator and business owner. In Poland, however, the classification of a ‘contractor’ is a little different. It is very common for a Polish employee to work for their employer via contract. Polish civil and labour law offers a range of options that allows both the employer and the employee to benefit from tax optimisation hence a B2B contract can be the preferred method for foreign companies to attract the best team members in Poland.

The process of opening an office in Poland (you may not even need to be registered as a Polish company) can also be both easy and advantageous.

Whether you are looking to find exceptional tech talent while remaining abroad or thinking about increasing your efficiency by opening an office in Poland, we can help you with every step. We can file the paperwork, find your best team, and even a great location for your new office.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your goals and how we can help you keep and retain the best employees for your project. The future of Polish tech talent is only growing brighter, and we’re excited to help companies build the best teams and achieve success.