​Dialogue – personalised healthcare at your disposal!

Dialogue’s mission is to give Canada easy and smart access to healthcare.

Founded in 2016 by a group of peers specialised in different fields – we have engineers, nurses, entrepreneurs, sales, all working together towards the same values!

Have you ever seen doctors working with developers? Or a nurse checking the UX/UI part? We did, and we can even introduce them to you.


Artificial intelligence, together with all the innovative technologies you can dream of, powers Dialogue. Every two weeks, the product teams get together to prepare a meticulous plan of action.

We use React Native and native components to build the Dialogue app (both iOS and Android). We write our code in JavaScript with React and Redux.

AWS is our go-to platform – we use Kubernetes, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3.

We love Python but also use Go and REST APIs.

Dialogue is looking for people that can join us on our mission.

We are keen to see different levels of experience, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to know more? We can schedule you for a chat with our Co-founder and CTO, Alexis. Which other company does that?

Read more about working for Dialogue here.

Dialogue is now opening a brand new development office in Wrocław, and you can join them. The team is looking for talented, empathetic professionals to come on board and help others to access the healthcare they need.

NTIATIVE is the IT recruitment agency working together with Dialogue to find the best talent for their new office in Wroclaw.

Lead Fullstack Developer (Remote)

What's the most popular word in times of Corona virus?
Telemedicine! And definitely not on polish NFZ level…

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present you- the Canadian Leader in telemedicine, entering the German market and looking […]

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Candidates found by Ntiative were always very good. It really felt like we're choosing the best person for the job out of a group of very strong candidates when making our final decisions.

Recruitment Team


We are so pleased with the services we have been provided with Ntiative. The team is great to work with, eager, and responsive. We've made several hires through them and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Recruiting Manager

PubNub Inc.

Ntiative does a great job in the first stage of the recruitment process by sending candidates that actually match your position.They can also indicate candidates where the potential is despite slight deviations from the provided profile - which is a great way to find young talent.



I would like to thank you for the good transnational cooperation between Notebooksbilliger.de AG and NTIATIVE. With your excellent support we have put together a completely new IT development team in Torun (Poland) within  a very short time, which is still doing an excellent work for us today. During our cooperation I would like to empathise the fast and uncomplicated communication as well as your dedicated approach. You were always immediately available for us and presented us with very good candidate profiles.

HR Director

Notebooksbilliger.de AG

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