In-House vs Outsourcing: What’s Best For Your Tech Business

In-House vs Outsourcing


Poland offers top-rate IT talent at significant cost-savings over other European countries, so the question for most businesses hoping to attract Polish programmers and engineers is whether to outsource development or build an in-house team. The answer, of course, depends on what kind of project needs to be done (short-term versus long-term, projects requiring a rare skill set, etc) but in a majority of cases, there are significant benefits for building and maintaining a local team.




In key areas such as FinTech, many companies worldwide now strive to limit outside access to their technology. While outsourcing in Poland is considered very safe and IP enjoys special protection under Polish law in accordance with EU regulations, it’s easier for companies to maintain best practices when they define and monitor the development environment themselves.

When a developer is working at a company office and using company networks and equipment, the strength of the IP protection is stronger and simpler to enforce. By opening an office in Poland, companies can ensure that security protocols are followed in exactly the way they need to be.




With the rise of tech hubs all over Poland and the attractive prices offered by Polish talent outsourcing companies, the IT sector has matured. The demand for Polish IT and development services has risen steadily over the past few years and companies hoping to find the best developers available for outsourcing contracts are now competing with each other.

By maintaining a local office and building a solid IT or engineering team, tech companies can ensure that their projects do not encounter scheduling delays due to the availability of contract-based developers or outsourcing organizations with many other projects scheduled.




A large part of productivity relies on consistency. While programmers and developers must adhere to a consistent methodology such as Agile or Scrum, its not unusual to find that each person’s approach to those programming methodologies may be slightly different.

When using outsourcing companies or contract employees, it can be difficult to maintain a stable approach to development, workflow, and communication. Companies that build their own teams can reinforce effective corporate culture and ensure that individuals with different approaches are working together in the most efficient way possible and company knowledge is shared.


Attracting More Committed Employees


By maintaining a local office in Poland and creating an in-house team, companies can attract top-notch tech professionals who are interested in truly investing in their employer’s success. These are programmers and developers who are looking for projects to be passionate about and companies they can be proud to work for in the years to come. They tend to be more dedicated; their focus is undivided, and they will give more than is asked of them. In short, a sense of commitment from the company will inspire greater loyalty in employees.


Higher Valuations


Companies with in-house software teams frequently receive higher valuations. In part, this is due to the fact that software and technology are seen as ongoing processes with products that require regular updates and maintenance. The cost to maintain software and technology products can be far higher if the consistency of the developer’s management process and the experience of the development team cannot be proven, or is vulnerable to inconsistency.

So, by maintaining an in-house software team, businesses can ensure that their technology is kept and shared from one location and that their management and training programs are consistent.


Technical Issues Are Easier To Solve


Solving technical issues between contractors, company managers, and users can be a difficult process, and valuable knowledge can be lost as each party attempts to communicate with each other. Companies that build and maintain in-house software teams are removing barriers to effective communication and are better prepared to identify and solve technical problems quickly and without knowledge loss. A team that understands the technology, has experience with the technology and is committed to a company’s success equates to a powerful competitive edge in a world of highly successful IT enterprises.


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